Heat Pumps & Air Pump Installers Bristol

Domestic Heat Pump InstallationHeat pumps are used to provide cooling and heating by converting heat from the ground or the air. There are three types of heat pumps which are ground source, air to water and air to air.

Ground source heat pumps use heat from the ground which is then converted to be used in either a traditional heating system or underfloor heating. One drawback of these pumps is that they are very expensive to install but are very efficient once installed.

Air to water pumps are much easier to install and heat energy is collected from the air outside instead of the ground. These systems can also be used for underfloor and traditional heating.

Air to air pumps collect energy from the air to provide all year round climate control. Instead of using traditional heating methods such as radiators, air is used. This system is a good replacement for air conditioning and can useful in restaurants and class rooms.

Cool-Rite have experienced engineers to install and maintain your heat pumps for your home. Our specialist team can undertake the installation of heat pumps to domestic and commercial properties. Our team will ensure that the heat pump system operates at an optimum level for the best energy output.

Heat pumps are used for hot water, central heating systems and cooling for all types of properties. A site visit is necessary to establish which type of heat pump would be ideal for your property.